Northern Alliance Trust was founded in 2015 on successful, disciplined lending practices through it's manager, Shelter Lending. Our track record of consistent investor returns supports our underwriting and diversification strategy. The fund provides investors with an opportunity to invest in Western Canadian real estate without the headaches of being a landlord. Northern Alliance Trust partners with PARVIS, an exempt market dealer registered across Ontario and Western Canada.

Our Approach

Northern Alliance Trust is a mutual fund trust that provides residential mortgages on real property to individuals across Western Canada.

Our Goal

We are committed to building a progressive and efficient investment trust fund that delivers consistent and significant returns to our investors by investing in Western Canadian real estate through our mortgages.

Meet Our Team

Dave McKitrick - President & CEO


With 25 years of management experience and an engineering background, Dave McKitrick is responsible for overseeing the efficient structure and successful operation of Northern Alliance Trust. Dave has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and an MBA from the University of Alberta.

In 2005, McKitrick became the Chief Operating Officer for Alta West Capital. He was put in charge of operations and systems to increase the efficiency of the mortgage lending operation. After purchasing fifty percent of Alta West in 2009, McKitrick and his business partner grew the company by more than three times to reach $90Million under management. McKitrick is a recognized leader in his industry, named Alternative Lending Broker of the Year (2010) by Canadian Mortgage Professional.

Dave co-founded Northern Alliance Trust in 2015, using his strong industry experience to design a fund that would provide consistent returns to investors.

Dean Larson - Director

With a history of ownership and management of various businesses in the technology and financial industries, Dean Larson has over 20 years of successful management, sales, and business operation experience.

Larson has a history of building and managing successful ventures. Managing large sales teams for various technology firms, Larson was the lead in successfully putting together strategic multimillion-dollar contracts between some of North America’s largest technology companies including Bell,HP/Compaq, IBM, and Cisco.
As a mortgage broker and owner of Compass Mortgage Group, Larson built a successful brokerage with offices and agents in Alberta and British Columbia, specializing in private lending. Dean is the President of Tango Financial, a super brokerage based in Western Canada.

Larson was a key part of the sales management team for Alta West Capital from 2009 to 2014,leading business development in British Columbia. Larson has been an active board member for many business organizations and charities, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to Northern Alliance Trust.


“Together, we’re committed to building a progressive & efficient company, rooted in sound lending practices.”

Grant Plunkie - Director


Grant is responsible for Mortgage Origination of the Management company. Mortgage Origination entails sourcing new lending opportunities and underwriting mortgage loan applications. Grant has a BA from the University of Alberta and over 20 year experience in the mortgage industry.

Grant has been a licensed mortgage broker since 1998 with a focus on residential and small commercial lending. From 2002 until 2009, he was the Portfolio Manager, Underwriter, Business Development Officer and Designated Individual for a small regional Mortgage Investment Corporation based in Kelowna, BC. Concurrent with that, Grant was President and Managing Broker for a team of residential Mortgage Brokers in the Central Okanagan. In 2010 Grant was hired by one of Western Canada’s largest Mortgage Investment Corporations. For five years he served as their Business Development Officer and Senior Underwriter. Additionally, Grant helped lead their expansion from BC to all four Western Provinces. In 2015 Grant founded Infinity Mortgage Corp. Infinity sourced, underwrote and administered individually held mortgage portfolios and individual private mortgage loans.

He then went on to found Infinity Mortgage Fund Ltd which was a Mortgage Investment Corporation, serving as President and Designated Individual, launching operations in 2017. In 2019, Grant joined forces with Shelter Lending and became a partner in the firm. He is responsible for generating new mortgage applications from brokers as well as underwriting and funding new mortgages. Grant’s logical and methodical approach to underwriting has been a great benefit to the mortgage fund.

With 42 years in the real estate sector, Cliff Shillington brings a vast understanding of the industry to Northern Alliance Trust.

In 1986, Shillington purchased RE/MAX Saskatoon where he turned a struggling franchise of 13 associates into a top performer with 62 associates within two years, taking the largest market share in the city. In 1990, Shillington joined RE/MAX Western Canada after selling his office to take on a corporate role where he became the Senior Vice President and Regional Director. Shillington transferred to the RE/MAX International Head Office in Denver, Colorado to become Vice President of International Global Operations. In this role Shillington was responsible for all international expansion, supervision and services to all countries outside of the United States.

Shillington currently operates the top RE/MAX franchise in Kelowna, British Columbia and is recognized as an industry leader and innovator, being recently awarded Broker Owner of the Year by RE/MAX International.

Cliff Shillington - Director


Paul Eastman - Director


Paul brings 30 years of senior leadership, operations, commercial and business development experience in the oil & gas & energy sectors in both Canada and the United States.

With a background in Mechanical Engineering Paul built his career in the Electricity Generation industry across Canada and the USA – ultimately leading the development of a generation portfolio of international assets that were ultimately divested in 2015 at a premium valuation for his company.

Following promotions through several senior-level corporate roles, in 2016 Paul was appointed to lead a Midstream Venture co-owned by Enbridge, Pembina, and Williams – which led to significant top-line cost savings, development of a new business strategy, promotion of a new leadership, and a new level of owner-insight and management not seen in its 15-year history.

Paul currently owns and operates his own 15-year-old real estate and mortgage lending business with his wife Margaret

When not working Paul and Margaret enjoy exploring the world on their road bikes and around their home in Sarnia, Ontario.

Jayson is an exempt market representative for Parvis our exempt market dealer. Jayson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and brings nearly 10 years of experience in the alternative lending, mortgage and fintech industries.

Jayson served was elected official for the City of West Kelowna and served one term from 2018-2022. Jayson and his family are also foster parents, and he also is a volunteer at the Central Okanagan Food Bank which serves thousands of people in the Okanagan and is creating a healthy, hunger-free community.

Jayson lives in West Kelowna with his wife Erin and three children. They love to spend time outdoors, biking, hiking, camping, playing hockey and golf and enjoying life in the Okanagan. He previously captained his collegiate hockey team before playing professional hockey in the USA and Europe.

Jayson ZIlkie -
Exempt Market Dealer Representative

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*Past Performance of Northern Alliance Trust B Units does not guarantee future results. Northern Alliance Trust locks in its Unit price to $5.00/Unit. The actual net asset value (NAV) typically fluctuates between $4.87 and $5.10 depending on the performance of the fund, current expenses, transaction costs and potential losses. Some expenses are large annual expenses (audits, OM revision) which can be recovered throughout the remainder of the year. The return calculated on this summary does not reflect the NAV fluctuations. B Unit Dividend performance is different from the total fund performance. Returns are compounded quarterly and annualized.

All data quoted about the fund is as of December 31, 2023.